Dan is a Colorado Springs based artist working primarily in acrylic, occasionally venturing into watercolor to bring his vivid imagination to life. His work might characterized by the use of bold primary colors that infuse his creations with an illustrative feel. Dan has a particular affinity for reimagining classic tales and stories, infusing them with unique and sometimes simple twists or alterations, often showing reflections of ourselves.

With a preference for larger substrates, Dan appreciates the drama they help to add to the work. Especially from a story telling perspective. His artistic journey began in his youth and was fortified in his teens here at Palmer High School. Life then had a away of happening and after a distinguished 22-year career in paints and coatings, Dan made the courageous decision to leave the corporate world behind and fully embrace his passion for art. 

After being accepted to Parsons School of Design in 2000, Dan spent some time living in Queens, NY, unfortunately not being able to realize that dream back then, but is heavily influenced by his experience. Today, Dan gives as much time and effort possible to making his artistic journey come true. He lives humbly with his amazing wife and dogs, as he pursues growth and seeks to understand the world through art.  

Check out Dan's website HERE or follow him on his socials @danamytestudios 

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