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Q: Can I join month-to-month or is there a minimum contract? 
A: We do not lock you into a contract that may become a hardship for you. We have a month-to-month agreement, but it does require 30 day notice to terminate.

Q: What's the parking situation? 
A: After 5pm and on weekends, members may park free of charge in the Permit Only parking lot on the South side of the building. During business hours (Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm), we have TWO parking spots allotted to members in that lot. They can be reserved up to 90 minutes before you arrive (reserve on the app when you head to the studio). If  it is during normal business hours & both spots are already reserved for the time you will be in the studio, you will need to use on-street metered parking or park in the paid public lot on our block (to the South). 

Q: Can I bring my own tools/supplies?
A: Absolutely! We want this studio to feel like your creative base of operations. We need to keep things clean and tidy in the communal space, so we have small carts for day use at no charge OR a dedicated cart can be assigned for $15/month. 

Soon, we will have small lockers (14"x14"x22") available for a nominal fee each month. Right now, the keys are on back order from the manufacturer, but we will make them available ASAP. You're welcome to keep your brushes, tools, medium(s), etc. tucked safely in there between your creative sessions. 

Q: What medium(s) do you support? 
A:  We have availability for all painting mediums as well as heat tools for encaustic. We have a lidded trashcan for potentially combustable materials, but ask our oil painting friends to use non-toxic materials until we can address ventilation and air filtration needs.  If you are an artist or artisan working in a non-paint related medium, please reach out! We'd love to see how we can support you. 

Q: Do you have private studio space for rent? 
A: No. We proudly offer communal space for our members, which keeps the costs low and fosters community among our artists. 

Q: Is there an application process?
A: You can become a Studio Member at any time; however, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for all our members and want to ensure our community is made up of like-minded individuals.  We would love to meet with you, tell you what The Colony stands for, what we offer, and what we expect of members to make sure it's a good fit for all parties involved.

Exhibit Membership does require an applications process to ensure artwork adheres to the spirit and vibe of The Colony.  You can submit an application HERE

Q: Do you have a limit to the number of artists who can join?
A: To some degree. Unless and until capacity and availability of equipment becomes an issue, we do not plan to limit the number of Art Studio memberships available. Due to the limited wall space, we do have a limit to the number of Exhibit memberships that are available (currently 25).

Q: Do you have a waitlist for Exhibit membership?
A: Once we reach the cap for the number of Exhibit memberships, we will create a waitlist. Art Studio members who wish to become Exhibit members will have priority. Within that priority, those who have been on the waitlist longest will be given the opportunity first. Note: there is a review process for Exhibit memberships to ensure artwork adheres to the spirit and vibe of The Colony. You can find that application HERE.

Q: Can I hang art on the studio walls? 
A: Only Exhibit members may hang art on the walls of the studio and only completed art may be displayed in the studio Exhibit space. Any works in progress or works by Studio Only members must be kept in the designated area for storage and/or drying. 

Q: Do you take a commission of artwork sold? 
A: Sales of artwork at or by The Colony will be processed through our website. We will photograph and list the artwork on our website, cover credit card processing fees and remit sales tax on behalf of the artist. We do withhold a 15% commission to cover these expenses and remit the remaining 85% of the purchase price to the artists via Zelle or check within 15 days of purchase.  Please price your artwork accordingly.  

Q: Can I teach a class/workshop at The Colony? 
A: Yes! Membership is not required to teach a class at The Colony. We love seeing you diversify your income and engage the community! See all the deets about classes here, & let's get you on the schedule!

Q: Can I bring my pet(s)?
A: No, sorry. We love fur babies as much as you, but our building lease agreement does not allow for pets. Additionally, we've heard from artists that they need a separate studio to ensure pet hair doesn't get trapped in their artwork while working/drying. Give your fur baby some extra snuggles and an apology from us. If you have a service animal, please contact us.